• Adam Heimbigner

    Adam rounds out Vocal Point's low end with his bass/baritone voice and his powerful vocal percussion. That's not a drum track you're dancing to, it's Adam. Promise.

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  • Andy Nielsen

    Andy's big, booming bass voice is the perfect match for his boisterous personality. His passion for life and adventure really shows in his love of music, singing, and performing, but especially in his sense of humor.

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  • Bryce Romney

    Practically born on stage, Bryce is a natural performer. His luscious baritone voice and radiant smile will win you over. Southern hospitality is second nature to this Texan!

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  • Cody Phillips

    After years of singing a cappella music in his home with random groups of friends, Cody is living his longtime dream of singing with Vocal Point. His favorite thing about performing is meeting people from all over the world, so be sure to stick around after the show to say hello!

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  • Devin Flake

    Devin loves belting harmonies and making strange noises with his voice. At any moment you might hear him imitating a trumpet, a saxophone, a violin, or occasionally a regular human tenor voice. Devin sings high, low, and everywhere in between!

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  • Jake Tengelsen

    Jake's role in Vocal Point is comparable to a nutritious, well-balanced breakfast. He gives energy to the group all day long, adds flavor and texture to every performance, and is good for the heart and soul. He sings everything from the highest tenor lines to the lowest baritone parts, giving you all the delicious musical sustenance you need to make it through your day.

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  • Parker O’Very

    For Parker, music is one of the four major food groups (the other three are Swedish Fish, Rice Krispies Treats, and Chocolate Milk). His soulful tone and precise riffs will satisfy your craving for harmony!

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  • Scott Shattuck

    Scott realized that those "awkward years" that all young men go through didn't affect his voice nearly as much as the other boys! He continues singing high and envying the other boys who can comfortably go below an A on the piano. He is proud to report he can now sing comfortably in the alto range, too!

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  • Trevor Johnson

    Trevor's pure baritone sound is the glue that keeps Vocal Point together! His voice has a warm, beautiful tone that blends well with any other voice in the group. Whether it’s a steady bass line or a smooth-sailing solo, his voice will make you melt like a popsicle on the Fourth of July!

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