• Adam Heimbigner

    Adam rounds out Vocal Point's low end with his bass/baritone voice and his powerful vocal percussion. That's not a drum track you're dancing to, it's Adam. Promise.

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  • Bryce Romney

    Practically born on stage, Bryce is a natural performer. His luscious baritone voice and radiant smile will win you over. Southern hospitality is second nature to this Texan!

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  • Cody Phillips

    After years of singing a cappella music in his home with random groups of friends, Cody is living his longtime dream of singing with Vocal Point. His favorite thing about performing is meeting people from all over the world, so be sure to stick around after the show to say hello!

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  • Devin Flake

    Devin loves belting harmonies and making strange noises with his voice. At any moment you might hear him imitating a trumpet, a saxophone, a violin, or occasionally a regular human tenor voice. Devin sings high, low, and everywhere in between!

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  • Jordan Hale

    Jordan has an affinity for tight, dissonant harmonies and slow, smooth jazz. He's got a man crush on Michael Buble, an animal crush on his English Bulldog, Toby, and a legitimate crush on his smokin hot wife, Zoë.

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