To book Vocal Point, contact Shane Wright:   
(801) 422-3576 |

For technical inquiries, contact* Abner Apsley:
(916) 224-1447 |

*Before contacting Abner, please refer to the VP Technical Rider (link)

To use VP music or obtain copyrights/licensing,
please contact BYU Music Group


VP members are selected each year from hundreds of applicants. Each year a new group of unique performers comes together to make magic happen on stage and in the studio.

The guys volunteer 30-50 hours per week while carrying a full-time course load at BYU. Your donation helps Vocal Point members offset their tuition while they work to send the good name of BYU into all the world. 

Visit the secure BYU ink below to make a donation:



BYU Standards & Conduct
VP Members must be full-time students (12+ credits) with a minimum GPA of 2.0. Members of Vocal Point agree to live the BYU Honor Code, attend all rehearsals and performances, and be representatives of BYU in every way.

Class is M/W/F (during F/W semesters) with some Saturday rehearsals. VP Members receive one BYU credit.

Auditions take place each March or April. Check social media for updates.

ReMix Vocal Academy

ReMix is a one-of-a-kind vocal camp designed to teach and inspire talented singers to reach their potential in contemporary vocal music.

Attend a week of professional workshops presented by some of the music industry's most talented experts, including the director and members of Vocal Point!

Cap off the week with a fully produced concert where YOU and your teammates are the stars. Don't miss the summer experience of a lifetime at ReMix Vocal Academy! Find out more at



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